Method+Levels メソッド+レベル

Method (メソッド)

Communicate in English directly and naturally:英語で直接、自然にコミュニケートする




Effective and practical:効果的で実用的


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Lesson + Practice:レッスン+実践

クロスローズオープンハウス画像重要なレッスンの一環として、「English Only」の環境、”Open House”を受講者全員に、週6日間無料開放しています-この環境にはコーヒー/ティー、外国のテレビ番組や映画、小(英語本)文庫も含まれています。最も重要なことは、英語を話す機会を何時でも自由に持てること、クラスで学んだことを実践できるスペースになっていることです。

Support System:サポートシステム


Additional Counseling:付随カウンセリング


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Levels (レベルについて)

Crossroads は、気楽に開始できる体制を提供しています。コース開始前に行うインタビューを通して、あなたのレベルや関心事に合った最適なレッスンを提供しています。またクラスやレベルの変更は、適切な時期、必要に応じて、何時でも可能です。

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Communicate in English directly and naturally

CROSSROADS has developed a sure and natural way for you to begin your English journey – or travel farther along that highway in order to better your skills. With many of our own “drama techniques” coupled with the most advanced language-acquisition theories available, we have evolved a system over many years that is ideally suited to Japanese people wishing to acquire English as a second language.

We have accurately identified the hindrances, disadvantages and weak point you face when attempting to acquire your second language and our methods ensure that you will confidently overcome all of these limitations in the most natural and effective way.

From the outset, you’ll be trained to “think in English” using the target language exclusively. This principle is the same for absolute beginners as it is for more advanced students. We have seen over the years that even beginners find it easier to learn English if they know how to think in English first (rather than attempting to translate from Japanese).

Effective and practical

The best way to improve your second language skills is to continue lessons on a regular basis with a professional instructor who can get to know and understand you and can accurately and quickly identify your abilities and your weaknesses.

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Lesson + Practice

クロスローズオープンハウス画像As an important part of your lessons, we open our “English Only” environment, the “Open House,” to all our students free of charge 6 days a week – includes coffee/tea, foreign TV programs and movies, a small (English) library and, most importantly, a chance to chat freely and practice the language skills you have been learning in class.

Support System

If you’re having trouble with English at work and need some help understanding something (an overseas email, for example), bring it in and we’ll go over it with you, no extra charge!

Additional Counseling

We will regularly interview you on an ongoing basis to see if the lessons are meeting your expectations, to see if you are improving and to answer any questions or address any difficulties you may be having.

* (find out more about our Support System and our “Open House” here)


Crossroads provides an easy start. Through a pre-course interview, we will provide you with the most suitable lessons for your level and interests. You will also be able to change class/level when it’s appropriate or necessary.

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