CROSSROADS Language Studio’s Newsletter March , 2020 “Three powers – diet”


“Y ou are what you eat.” This old saying is still just as valid as when it was first coined in the early 19 th century. The type of diet we follow, greatly influences our mood and mental health, and directly translates into our physical strength and health.

A new field of genetic science – epigenetics – tells us that everything we eat, think, and do, has a knock-on effect on our genes in some way. Depending on environmental stimuli, our genes change constantly, working differently from minute to minute. Various research tests now prove that WE control our genes. The air pollution or work stress can badly affect the performance of our genes, and we cannot – for the most part – control these. What we can control, however, is perhaps the most important factor: diet.

No matter what genes we were born with, by eating the right food we can reprogram them, thus immunizing our body against, cancers, premature Ella aging, dementia and much more.

There is a plethora of diet regimes and Janis all kinds of advice available, published online and in other forms, but we can generally narrow the choices down to a few rules.

One such rule is to eat whole foods, as opposed to processed products; things we can see and recognize. So instead of mashed potatoes in a powder form, in a packet, we should eat potatoes fresh, skin included. Ready-made easy-cook foods often contain preservatives, artificial additives and coloring, and these additives may lead to various undesired consequences for our organs’ health and function.

Eating “brown” instead of “white” foods (brown rice, buckwheat noodles, etc.) is another way of upgrading our diet, as these foods will often contain much higher levels of nutrition, vitamins and essential minerals that our bodies cannot function properly without.

We should also opt for steaming our veggies, and avoid boiling them, to keep as many vitamins locked inside the food from escaping into the water.

The right oil that we use for frying or garnishing our food with also makes a tremendous difference to our overall health. Butter, Coconut oil and olive oil are some of the healthiest and safest oils to cook with.

Processed sugar in the diet is now widely recognized as a major cause of serious illnesses, and thus it should be kept down to a minimum.

The right amount and type of nutrition is important to our health and wellbeing, but we must also make sure to utilize the energy efficiently, so staying active and keeping our body in good physical condition is essential and is our 3 rd power we will look at. So, until next time!

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