CROSSROADS Language Studio’s Newsletter February , 2020 “Three powers”


SLEEP is the real deal, my friends.

My daily routine revolves around three fundamental powers that help me stay healthy, physically strong and mentally fit. Sleep, diet and exercise.

All the stimuli from the environment and new information can only be processed and absorbed properly when our brains are sleeping. A long and uninterrupted sleep strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism, regenerates your skin, bones and muscels, and effectively removes all the toxins and dead cells from the body.

睡眠 眠りの効能
Our brain has a special glymphatic system, responsible for recycling and removal of dead cells and toxins from the body, keeping us healthy and rejuvenated and ready for another day. When we miss out on quality sleep, we end up accumulating these toxins and cellular waste, straining our immune system and risking contracting viruses and diseases. And this build-up of waste and toxins has been found to be one of the major causes of Alsheimer’s disease.

Sleep is also the only time certain hormones are released in the body, helping our immune system, controlling digestion, regulating blood preasure and managing our fat reserves. These hormones are released in the absence of light (especially sunlight). On the other hand, there are hormones that are produced only during daytime, under sufficient exposure to natural light. You may have heard of people, who live in northern parts of the world being more likely to suffer from depression. This is because a production of a hormone serotonin – helping us to feel happy – is adversely affected by lack of sunlight. If we don’t spend enough time in the sun, every day, our mood, sleep pattern and sleep length will suffer.

Japan is known worldwide for its delicious, fresh and varied cuisine that allows us to stay strong and healthy and live longer, so I am happy to be able to adopt a new diet. And that is the second power I will talk about, next time, so stayed tuned!

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